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Watch Frankenstein’s Love (2017) English Subtitles (Episode 1-5)

Frankenstein’s Love (2017) Japanese Drama Synopsis :

When You Watch Frankenstein’s Love (2017) English Subtitles, You’ll Find The Story about A monster (Gou Ayano) was created from an incident that took place 100 years ago. He possesses super physical ability and can live forever. He yearns for humans and listens to the radio. He picks up things thrown away by other people. The monster dreams of living as a human. One day, he meets a young woman Tsugaru. He falls in love with her.(AsianWiki)

Watch Frankenstein’s Love (2017) Japanese Drama Information :

Drama: Frankenstein’s Love (literal title)
Romaji: Furankenshutain no Koi
Japanese: フランケンシュタインの恋
Director: Shunsuke Kariyama, Yoshinori Shigeyama
Writer: Sumio Omori
Network: NTV

Frankenstein’s Love (2017) Japanese Drama Plot :

An incident 100 years ago led to a professor’s creation of a monster with a human-like form but definitely not a human-like appearance. And yet, this immortal monster has more compassion than humans. He quietly hides deep in the forest and dreams of the day he can live as a human being even though he knows this is impossible. Then something results in his encounter with a young woman Tsugaru-san and he falls in love with her. He starts to learn about love, friendship and the world. However, there is a secret. A monster cannot come into contact with a human being.(mydramalist)

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