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Reverse (2017) Synopsis :

When You Watch Reverse (2017) English Subtitles, You’ll Find The Story about Unremarkable office worker, Fukase Kazuhisa, leads a boring life. The only place he can relax is the Clover Coffee Shop. Here he meets Ochi Mihoko and they begin to date. Just as he begins to grow accustomed to a more enjoyable life, something occurs that drives a wedge between the lovers. Mihoko receives a letter that accuses Fukase of being a murderer. Fukase realizes that he must now disclose the only darkness that happened in his life. He begins to tell Mihoko of a “secret” that he has not spoken of for ten years… Everyone sins. But how can you forgive and be forgiven? DramaWiki

Watch Reverse (2017) Information :

Other name: Ribāsu
Category: Japan Drama 2017
Genre(s): Mystery, Psychological, Suspense
Release: Apr 14, 2017
Cast: Fujiwara Tatsuya, Toda Erika, Tamamori Yuta, Koike Teppei, Miura Takahiro, Kadowaki Mugi

Reverse (2017) Plot :

Kazuhisa Fukase (Tatsuya Fujiwara) graduated from a prestigious university, but he leads a boring life. His only strength is making delicious coffee. Whenever he makes coffee, he is reminded of his friend Yoshiki Hirosawa (Teppei Koike). He was friends with Yoshiki Hirosawa back in their university days, but Yoshiki Hirosawa died on a snowboarding trip 10 years ago.

One day, he meets Mihoko Ochi (Erika Toda) at a coffee shop. He is strongly attracted to her.

Kazuhisa Fukase goes to a professor’s retirement celebration at a university. There, he meets Kosuke Asai (Yuta Tamamori) who went snowboarding with Yoshiki Hirosawa on that fateful trip. Journalist Toshio Ogasawara (Tetsuya Takeda) also appears there. He has been investigating Yoshiki Hirosawa’s death. AsianWiki

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